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But it’s the rigors of campaigning, and not any rift, in the 23 year long marriage, that has kept the couple apart some nights, Sharpton’s spokeswoman said. “Kathy is raising their daughters, Dominique, who’s 17, and Ashley, who’s 16,” said Rachel Noerdlinger. “He’s on the road most days of the week, and Kathy wants to … Read moreO&Mighty Daddy Shirt

Lola P Denim Shirt

Take advantage of “help” tools. A report from Aon Hewitt and Financial Engines demonstrated that workers who use help tools, such as target date funds, managed accounts and online advice, fare better than those who go it alone. Those employees taking advantage of help experienced annual returns nearly 3.0 percent higher (292 basis points, net … Read moreLola P Denim Shirt

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