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The action of using headphones while behind the wheel is not an actual offence in Victoria, but could lead to being charged with careless driving. Wangaratta Highway Patrol Sergeant Michael Connors said police regularly pull see motorists with headphones in their ears. “They wouldn’t be able to hear what’s going on,” he said. These are … Read morePolo Shirt Design Template Psd Free Download

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This morning my client complied with LSU Police and turned himself in for misdemeanor hazing charges. It is disappointing that he was not issued a summons, but instead was arrested, booked, and put on display for the media. It is also disappointing that so much information has already been released, particularly by the educational institution. … Read morePolo Shirt Design Tool

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The anger was out of all proportion as though by providing A LINK (!) Kim had killed these men, or had personally and single handedly been responsible for irreparably desecrating their memories. My remark was glib and came from irritation that Kim seemed to be repeating the obvious that it wasn her story. But you … Read moreT Shirt Design Tool Download

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Analysis: After Supreme Court abortion ruling, what next for Louisiana?The Supreme Court late night decision to block a Louisiana law critics said would unconstitutionally restrict abortion access kept the state fragile network of abortion clinics in place for now, but justices could still take up the case for a full review. A divided court ruled … Read moreHtml5 Shirt Design Tool

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