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Then, with your guidance and compassion, we will whip them until they are Young, Healthy, Rich, White, Christian, Male, and Straight. Or until they are dead. I reconsidering that stance. As partygoers picked the delicate meat and sucked on the heads, the NOLA Crawfish Festival Southern Soul Revue hit the stage. That incredibly talented band … Read moreShirt Shack Spring Valley

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Democratic candidates have long worked to stockpile votes in urban centers to offset the more conservative electorate in America small towns and rural areas. A color coded map of the 2016 results a sea of Republican red in the country midsection with blue states largely arrayed along the two coasts amply illustrates the rural/urban divide. … Read moreShirt Shack St Clair Mo

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The Amarillo Globe News ran a laudatory interview with the undercover agent, Tom Coleman, an itinerant lawman from West Texas with no prior experience in undercover narcotics work. Coleman has since begun another undercover assignment for a drug task force in Southeast Texas. For his work in Tulia, the Department of Public Safety named him … Read moreShirt Shack Screen Printing

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“Democrats complained that the Trump administration blocked the release of more than 100,000 pages of documents detailing Kavanaugh’s service in the George W. Bush White House. Other documents were released at the last minute, or not at all including documents from 2003 to 2006 when Kavanaugh served as Bush’s staff secretary.. If anything, at age … Read moreShirt Shack Stuart Fl

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