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Pull Multiple Accounts TogetherA Solo 401k plan can accept rollovers of funds from another retirement savings vehicles, such as Traditional IRA, SEP IRA, or a previous employer’s 401k, 457 or 403B. Thus, you can directly rollover your IRA or qualified plan funds to your new Solo 401k Plan. Please note: Roth IRA funds cannot be … Read moreCustom T Shirt Hoodie

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The elementary students performed Christmas carols in the Deacon Jones Dining Hall during the Lee student, staff, and faculty lunch break. Lunch was provided for the elementary students, courtesy of Sodexo Dining Services. Program is sponsored by the Cleveland/Bradley County Chamber of Commerce and fosters a commitment of time, energy, and expertise between a business … Read moreT Shirt Hoodie Design

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After the break I explained (in my hilariously formal and articulate French) some of the dangers of making assumptions when hiking in the back country, because there could be severe consequences when making bad decisions, and that the forest was not a forgiving place. It was hilarious to see the few vicious, petulant little turds … Read moreT Shirt Hoodie Distro

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Their political outlook was on the liberal to libertarian spectrum, wanting more individual freedoms, less regulations that restricted individuals, but also government protections for minorities they viewed themselves as a religious minority. I personally know people who had their children taken away because they practiced a pagan religion. These were not “get in your pickup … Read moreDo You Wear A T Shirt Under A Hoodie

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