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We dont have a housing shortage, we have a shortage of landlords willing to bring rents down to market level. My understanding is that they typically don convert them into condos for at least 10 years due to the statute of limitations on building defects and inevitable litigation that accompanies that. Would love for someone … Read moreCustom T Shirt Rip Design

Dress Shirt Elbow Rip Repair

To avoid having to debate bernie but still get the credit for raising the charity money for the event to happen. They will have cameras ready to show that a bernie supporter “was the one who started it”. Bernie supporters get scapegoated once again, Hillary and the DNC curb the reputational damage thats been done … Read moreDress Shirt Elbow Rip Repair

Brooks Brothers Shirt Rip Elbow

All are valid and offer insights into the artist’s feelings, and a therapist must be alert for clues that indicate what a client is experiencing. The expression of emotions is encouraged through continuation of the creative process, and discussion ensues when appropriate. Patients are encouraged to keep their art and reflect on its meaning at … Read moreBrooks Brothers Shirt Rip Elbow

T Shirt Rip Chaos

Sprite’s approach was clear. It targeted the youth mainly teens by arguing that other beverages were focused on trivial and distractive matters of image and that those who weren’t fooled by this sort of “trickery” should drink Sprite as a matter of authenticity. No marketing gimmicks, no celebrities barring Sania Mirza two years ago, and … Read moreT Shirt Rip Chaos

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