Oh Leuven Football Shirt

There will be charitable events, with causes ranging from homeless shelters to children’s programs. He is a supporter of Jim Brown’s Amer I Can Foundation for at risk youths and AccesSportAmerica for the disabled. And he has his own foundation, which awards college scholarships to students at Annapolis High School, his alma mater, and Struthers … Read moreOh Leuven Football Shirt

Oh No Not The Shirt Take My Eyes But

If you have a knack for remembering things, try memorizing pi. The number TMs mysterious, infinite string of digits has inspired some people to take up memorization as a sport. The current world record holder for memorizing pi is Chao Lu of China, who recited 67,890 digits from memory in 2005, according to the Pi … Read moreOh No Not The Shirt Take My Eyes But

Oh Come Let Us Adore Him T Shirt

We don’t know. We don’t make out. It’s all fake. It can be very disconcerting to find out you fell for a narcissist’s self mythology. What’s even more disturbing is not understanding how they can get so out of control when you even subtly suggest things are not exactly the way in which they present … Read moreOh Come Let Us Adore Him T Shirt

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