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Perhaps Mr Cameron was right, in terms of decorum. There is a natural order on these occasions first, condemn the terrorists; next, express one’s sympathy for the victims, their families and fellow citizens; only then feel free to argue about causes and failings. If you get this order wrong, you sort of let the killers … Read morePink Yellow Orange Shirt

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“The government is trying to say that the protestors are terrorists but it’s quite clear when you look at the pictures of those who were shot, most of the protestors are armed only by rocks or slingshots. And out of the 72 protesters that were killed, these include two health workers, one Italian journalist, one … Read morePink And Yellow Plaid Shirt

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To cut a long story short, this was due to a “transmission error”, wherein a previous version of the review was inadvertently sent via e mail. This is one of the hazards when working with Windows Live. The amendment from “father” to “uncle” was made to the Age’s online review (which takes from the print … Read moreYellow Pink Polka Dot Shirt

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Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and other senior aides have tried to gauge which issues Trump wants to take up after the border fight is done be it drug pricing, trade, infrastructure, or something else. But they made little progress. Trump does expect to meet next month with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, … Read morePink Shirt With Yellow Rocket

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