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Like the grotesque and cyborg bodies, the heroin user body disrupts gender norms, ideals of health and bodily propriety connected to social expectations concerning the body ability to work (produce) and reproduce. The allure of the drug itself and of the popular icons who use it, I will suggest, has to do with the way … Read moreWooyoungmi Mandarin Collar Ruffle Shirt

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A double rainbow emerged over the tree line that evening, but Lloyd’s mother, Ursula Ward, didn’t believe the sun shone down on her until Wednesday. She sat in Courtroom 7 at the Fall River Justice Center when Hernandez, standing among his attorneys, listened to the jury forewoman’s guilty verdict. He was told to sit down … Read moreRuffle Collar Shirt Outfit

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Initial echocardiogram (left) seemed to show vegetation on the anterior mitral leaflet. A second echocardiogram showed vegetation on the posterior mitral valve leaflet (middle) and jet of mitral regurgitation (right). LV=left ventricle, LA=left atrium, Ao=aortic outflowBlood cultures taken during the second admission grew a Gram negative bacillus. Apple hadn updated the iPod since 2015, and … Read moreRuffle Collar Oxford Shirt

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Unlike punk, which has been appropriated by both the right and the left, new wave has never really been articulated to a political ideology. Also differing from the articulation in punk of future (The Sex Pistols), the new wave aesthetic contains a strongly futurist impulse in which the blurring of genders is linked to the … Read moreRuffle Collar Shirt Silk

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The higher the risk, the higher the return must be to compensate for the increased risk taken on by purchasing the asset. It is important to understand that nothing can change a realized return. It is an after the fact figure that no amount of behavior can change. Abysmal negotiation. Iwascumasch ‘No deal would be … Read moreHigh Collar White Ruffle Shirt

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In one corner of the party, joints of marijuana are passed around, as are pipes of crank (crystal methamphetamine). Lines of cocaine are exchanged for money. A handful of the partygoers are seriously addicted, while others are trying drugs for the first time. If you need reach, that would be 150mm on an M43 system. … Read moreHot Pink Ruffle Collar Shirt

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