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Phillips questions. She was kind enough to placate my boyish charm without ever asking me why I obviously was too nervous to remove the notebook from my shirt pocket.My fantasy was abruptly interrupted, however, when a Hell’s Angel grabbed Phillips and tried to throw her off the stage. Yanking her arm back, the forceful Phillips … Read moreT Shirt Med V Hals Dame

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The Giardia lamblia is a parasitic microorganism that infects the human small intestine, leading to a gastrointestinal disease called Giardiasis. For which an estimated 2.5 million cases have been reported annually. The disease is commonly manifested by diarrhea, abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, debilitation and nausea. For the Pittsburgh nurse, there are basic T shirts for … Read moreV Hals Shirt Mannen

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Made to Break outlines the ideas and innovations behind obsolescence throughout the 20th century, describing, for example, the early battle for market domination between GM and Ford and the Depression era automobile marketing campaigns that encouraged buying the model each year. The result was products designed not to last, a concept called dating. The book … Read moreT Shirt V Hals Heren

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