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(There plenty of flooding in Canada to be worried about.)The current Trans mountain AB BC pipeline carries both crude and gasoline. I suggest we start shipping only crude down the existing pipeline . BC will then start running out of gasoline and diesel so then we need to get the XL pipeline built ASAP. Forecast: … Read moreT Shirt Design Making Online

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Our continuing series, A More Perfect Union, aims to show that what unites us as Americans is far greater than what divides us. In this installment, we meet two strangers who had life changing surgeries in New York City on Thursday. It’s a story of two fathers and how a T shirt brought them together.. … Read moreMaking Money From T Shirt Design

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The controversial video features Schumer, Goldie Hawn and some of their Mother/Daughter co stars lip syncing and dancing to the Lemonade track. Critics of the video took issue with the fact that two privileged white women were making light of a song and visual that explicitly addressed racial politics and police brutality and that was … Read moreMaking A Shirt With Cricut

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Neighbors is not the first app for sharing reports of local crimes. Citizen is an app for tracking local crime, but focuses on events happening in real time. Users can get a notification of a call to 911 immediately after it happens. Suffolk County Community College athletics is number one in the country and has … Read moreMaking A Shirt On Cricut

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Are pleased to join Ameren Missouri in leading the way in the St. Louis community to launch this renewable energy program, said Rich Liekweg, BJC HealthCare president and CEO. BJC is known for innovation in health care, we also seek to partner with others in ways that promise improvements and progress for our region. Twice … Read moreMaking A Vinyl Shirt With Cricut

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The earliest someone not currently holding a medical marijuana license could open a store would be Jan. 1, 2019, if the state allows current medical marijuana facilities to start their recreational operations in June 2017. If that process is delayed until Jan. Having just reread the Kritik der reinen Vernunft, I don see Kant as … Read moreShirt Making Course London

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