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I’m writing these words on the eve of Trump’s inauguration, seventy seven days and at least seventy seven thousand think pieces after Election Night. I’ve read countless articles about the 2016 election. Some have been insightful. Unless one belongs to a country club he will probably play most of his games on concrete. Depending on … Read moreFrance Football Shirt 2018 2 Stars

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Three in four Canadian adults said they were bullied while in school, according to a 2016 survey, and nearly half of the parents polled said their kids have been bullied at some point. Harriet Tinka, the founder and coach of “Empowered Me”, said there are many reasons why kids pick on each other.Make the PinkShirtPromise … Read moreSchalke 04 Shirt 2018

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“Young adults are willing to try different things,” says Jessica Biffi, designer and runner up in season two of Project Runway Canada. “Trend forecasters watch young adults and teens all the time because they’re the ones that are riskier. They play around with fashion and they get it from their imagination, take it from the … Read moreDefqon 1 2018 T Shirt

Defqon 1 2018 Shirt

Other Team 3D members hail from California, Texas, and Montreal. Team manager Craig Levine, a New York University junior, no longer plays because he devotes all his time to managing the competition schedule. He’s studying information systems and operations management. Estero student, Michael Galdine, 17, prays next to the truck of Jeff Sommer Saturday, May … Read moreDefqon 1 2018 Shirt

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Developed in 1965, Kevlar is the second type of body armor capable of withstanding bullets fired from several firearms. Kevlar, also known as Poly paraphenylene terepthalamide is a fiber discovered by American chemist Stephanie Kwolek. Originally developed to make stronger tires, a quick discovery showed that the fiber would withstand several test that would normally … Read moreBrand New 2000 To 2018 Shirt

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WSJ Jason Riley, mentioned above, is one seriously black dude. He wasn prevented from speaking because of his race but because he refuses to toe the Party Line: he is a conservative black and therefore, to a leftist shithead, traitor to his race. Can reach them with reasons, but they are very sensitive to emolument. … Read moreSmart Shirt Designer 2 Full 2018

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