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The mortgage doubled at the same time her brother lost his job, and they couldn afford it. Bank of America foreclosed.Reached by phone after the protest, Wells Fargo spokesperson Ruben Pulido said he wanted to correct the record. He said the company didn intentionally keep protesters with proxies out of the meeting, but said was limited space and we allowed only 250 in.

Unlike in conventional laboratory research, these animals are subjects at large in the community whose guardians bring them in for any study related procedures. Hence, the structure of these research studies is similar to human trials, perhaps pediatric trials in particular where one person consents on behalf of someone in their care. On the other hand, Phase I human trials test safety and tolerability of investigational drugs in paid healthy volunteers. Phase I clinical trials typically take place in confinement facilities where subjects are monitored for compliance with requirements from what food to eat and when, to limitations on exercise, and are readily available for drug dosing, blood draws, and other interventions. As a result, these trials can be said to mirror the structure of nonhuman animal research. These cases suggest that the human subject oversight norm becomes critical for ethical animal research and vice versa.

At least that is what I was made to believe my whole life. My dear Mr President, I am in exile because my home country does not feel like home anymore. How do you expect me to stay in a country where I hold two degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand but was unemployed for three years?.

RD: These are people who are living in a very particular time in history and at the tail end of a particular period in history. The 60s were almost over but the big changes were still pretty much confined to the major cities. By the time you get down to Crawley, where the play is set, it was just beginning to happen, certainly from the female point of view.

Tapestry is widely recognized as the first computerized collaborative filtering system. Developed at Xerox PARC as a research project, Tapestry was designed to help small workgroups team up to figure out which articles (usually electronic bulletin board articles) were worth reading. Tapestry users could annotate articles, for example, by marking them as “Fred should look at this” or “Excellent!!!” Other users could ask the system to find articles that met specific criteria, including the keywords in the article ( la information retrieval and filtering), the annotations left by others, and even the actions others took when seeing the article.

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