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“People at any age, really, have a sense of their self identity and gender,” he added. “People who are gender diverse have the same sense of their self identity and gender as anyone else. Obviously, that’s influenced by their development, but a big piece of this is to just acknowledge that common understanding and appreciation … Read moreShirt Gallery 16 January

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LOUIS Kathryn Purdy, Child Life Specialist with St. Louis Children Hospital, is at the studio to talk about their goal to bring joy to the patients spending their holidays at the hospital this year. St. Children can make Victorian cards, take carriage rides, or learn crafts. Families can attend plays and concerts or learn about … Read moreShirt Gallery 16 Indianapolis

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Tsar Nicolas and the Romanov family were the last European Monarchy to have been overthrown and control of the Russian monetary system replaced with a Rothschild controlled central bank as a result of the Bolshevic revolution. It too had been funded by the Rothschilds banksters via Jacob Schiff, CEO of Kuhn Loeb Bank, who were … Read moreShirt Gallery 16 Jacksonville Fl

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Browsing cycling and motorcycling magazines of the time provides much insight into topics of the day. Motoring was in its infancy only 100 years ago. Riders were pioneers.. Everyone having fun and no safety issues, we going to let people do that, she said. If we start feeling like that interfering with other guest experiences … Read moreShirt Gallery 16 Jacket