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Google Docs Google Docs is a free online office application that includes a document creator, spreadsheet, presentation and database application. Google docs users can store files they create or upload on their Google account for free. Anywhere that you have access to the internet you can get access to you’re docs and make edits. Fans … Read moreShirt Folder Zero Calories

Shirt Folder Zero Color

David: That’s beautiful. I’ve noticed one of the things we learned in this class was different people learn differently, so you incorporate all these different techniques into your speech that you’re giving, to get the people engaged. You ask questions to get the room talking to you. “All of a sudden the bus started swerving … Read moreShirt Folder Zero Color

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By the time I went to college in the mid 80’s, environmentalism was mainstream. In fact, Clarkson even offered a major in Civil Environmental Engineering. When I enrolled at Clarkson my major was “Undecided Engineering”, which really didn’t mean much as all first year engineering students took the same core courses regardless of their specialty … Read moreShirt Folder Zero Crossword Clue