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Officials. The images Spenser Rapone posted on Twitter from his West Point graduation were intentionally shocking: In one, the cadet opens his dress uniform to expose a T shirt with a blood red image of socialist icon Che Guevara. In another, he raises his fist and flips his cap to reveal the message: will win. … Read moreShirt Gallery Rochester Women

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Quitting smoking was hands down one of the hardest things I have ever done. Back then, we didn know cigarettes were purposely altered to make them nearly impossible to quit. I failed to see then that tobacco companies were making billions of dollars creating, modifying, selling, advertising and lying to the public about their products.. … Read moreShirt Gallery Rochester Washington

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Doig told Bracho how, desperate for money during her first months in Manhattan, she would scour pay phones for forgotten change for food money. Determined to succeed, she commissioned a fresh set of photos. A resulting image of Doig styled like a 1940s film star, Bracho says, launched her out of obscurity and into the … Read moreShirt Gallery Rochester Wedding

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The game was in aid of David Bustt who broke his leg during Coventry away match against Manchester United last season. See PA Story SOCCER Busst. Photo by David Jones/PAMillwall ticket restrictions Sky Blues supporters are being encouraged to purchase their tickets for Saturday match against Millwall in advance.The Lions have sold out their 1,860 … Read moreShirt Gallery Rochester X Factor