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Value increase is the way to wealth, but extreme value rises only happened in markets where supply is highly constrained (East and West Coast). Betting on the value increases that California investors enjoyed during a once in a lifetime housing crisis seems like a difficult strategy to duplicate. Sure, they made lots of money that … Read moreShirt Express 650 X 20

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A Short StorySome time ago we were visiting England and had rented a car for a few days driving around the Cotswalds. The countryside and the villages were spectacular and we had a great time. Our two favorite locations were Broadway and . Chad White, “Top Chef”A Spokane Valley native, White was living in Southern … Read moreShirt Express 650 X Factor

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Youths wearing white T shirts and Venezuelan flags hike through an unmarked trail between high bushes to sneak into Colombia, for the “Venezuela Aid Live” concert on the Colombian side of the border, in Palotal, Venezuela, Friday, Feb. 22, 2019. Venezuela power struggle is set to become a battle of the bands Friday when musicians … Read moreShirt Express 650 York