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Your voice will sound different when you are smiling. (If you need help with this, position a small mirror by your phone and practice, practice, practice!) Think about your own reactions when someone smiles at you. Convey these positive feelings to your customers.. DR. MAISEL: Thanks Jennifer and good afternoon. Thank you for making the … Read moreShirt Extensions 90S Tv Show

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Addley forces Beth and Daniel downstairs, trapping all the party goers in the basement at gunpoint. Mother becomes very angry at Ike for losing the emergency phone they use to contact one another, telling him she was unable to alert him of losing the house. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Mother arranges help to … Read moreShirt Extensions 90S Patterns

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I suspect that plans for a worst case scenario were made, and when the alt right rally fizzled, those plans were not flexible enough to allow rapid changes as events unfolded hence the escalation with gas masks. I’m glad the police chief decided against gassing the marchers. The learning experience from this event must involve … Read moreShirt Extensions 90S Red