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Even with the excellent roads, travel was still very slow. Sailing the Mediterranean was still quite dangerous due to the weather and the inability to accurately calculate longitude. It was difficult to get time away from the tilling of fields, the minding of orchards and the care of livestock. I had to continue reading, despite … Read moreShirt Gallery Quarter Grill

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Augmented Reality game based learning (ARGBL) is quickly gaining momentum in the education sector worldwide as it has the potential to enable new forms of learning and transform the learning experience. However, it remains unclear how ARGBL applications can impact students’ motivation and performance in primary education. This study addresses that topic by providing a … Read moreShirt Gallery Quarter Go

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Get over it. Better is coming. While it is encouraging to speak positively, tucking away the times can cause issues with self esteem and anxiety. Look for Hansel Brett Run Gunn, Grumpy Peasant, Myarsis, Catharsis, and the Oracle. Each is a different style brewed in either bourbon barrels from Kentucky or wine barrels. Package individual … Read moreShirt Gallery Quarter House