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As Dewey predicted, the collision of different groups of people eventually creates a certain fluidity and unity among them. What he didn’t account for was social media and its effect on polarizing political discourse. A recent University of Pennsylvania study finds the use of political words on Twitter were concentrated among a small group of … Read moreShirt Art 7Th 3 Month

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Jersey Shore Area School Board voted 7 2 to close Nippenose Valley Elementary School permanently prior to the 2013 14 school year. Voting in favor were board members Shelley Helm, Robert Pryor, Craig Allen, Harry Brungard, Karen Stover, Harry Miller and Heather Williamson. Voting against the closing were board members Loren Koch and Denise Smith.. … Read moreShirt Art 7Th 3 Free

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In that instance, the Minnesota Department of Health found that the facility acted immediately to ensure the resident’s safety and promptly removed Kpingbah. The state also noted that the facility had previously provided Kpingbah with required abuse training. As a result, the facility was not cited for any wrongdoing; only Kpingbah was held accountable for … Read moreShirt Art 7Th 2Nd