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The Texas Department of Public Safety counters that hard drive including the dashcam videos, jail video footage and data from Sandra Bland cell phone, was part of discovery. Way, Bland sister says the content disputes trooper Brian Encinia claim that his was in jeopardy. The video only shows that [Encinia] lied, but that he really … Read moreShirt Express 55 4X4

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Other episodes on this set have the Troopers rescuing Jeb from Grimlord minions (The Dognapping), trying to help Ryan when he suffering from amnesia (Lost Memories), dealing with a magician who steals Kaitlin and JB virtualizers (A Dirty Trick), investigating some earthquakes that hit Crossworld City (Digging for Fire), and much more. Fans who grew … Read moreShirt Express 55 0 Centimeters

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We can’t solve it with volunteers.”Out of 1,400 asylum seekers and refugees over the age of 27 living in the area, only 15 have been accepted into one of the pilot training schemes, Schickert said, adding: “For the rest, there’s nothing.”If opportunities for integration are limited for many refugees still struggling to learn German and … Read moreShirt Express 55 12