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Discovering this magical new world thrilled Jonas, and he and his friends would dig for hours to find bootleg recordings. He and his friends still own several vinyl bootlegs from Led Zeppelin and the Beatles. James, too, still owns treasures from his Wizard days, including test pressings and acetates from famed Cincinnati label King Records.. … Read moreShirt Art 88 24

Shirt Art 88 2018

In 1950s Christchurch, New Zealand, a 14 year old girl from a working class family, Pauline Parker (Lynskey), befriends the more affluent English 15 year old Juliet Hulme (Winslet) when Juliet transfers to Pauline school. They bond over a shared history of severe childhood disease and isolating hospitalizations, and over time develop an intense friendship. … Read moreShirt Art 88 2018

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Those who study the Humanities believe that human knowledge is best studied comparatively, rather than from the perspective of a single nation or culture. The field incorporates multiple traditions from all over the world and balances a study of both western cultures and non European cultures of Africa, Asia, and the Americas. In Religious Studies … Read moreShirt Art 88 3 8