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Jesse Jackson noted that Trump for years publicly questioned President Barack Obama citizenship.”We are in a very dangerous place right now,” he said.Right wing blogger Jason Kessler had called for what he termed a “pro white” rally in Charlottesville. White nationalists and their opponents promoted the event for weeks.Oren Segal, who directs the Anti Defamation … Read moreShirt Express 5S T Shirts

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If respected readers think deeply they shall clearly know that such incidences take place during political and social upheavals. During times of material nature earthquakes both rich and poor die together. But in this particular prophecy there is a depiction of the killing of chiefly rich and big shot people. There are people missing him … Read moreShirt Express 5S To Tv

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Planning and executing a family reunion party is a daunting task. The organizer needs to be completely committed and devote much time to tiny details. Planning a family reunion is tougher than planning any other party because of the sheer variety of people who are expected to attend; ranging from grandparents to grandchildren. In order … Read moreShirt Express 5S To Icloud