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As a union that represents Greater Cincinnati’s janitors prepares to hold negotiation sessions July 25 26 with cleaning companies, it filed federal charges this week against the city’s three largest cleaning contractors, alleging unfair labor practices. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which is heading the “Justice for Janitors” movement, alleged that the companies illegally … Read moreShirt Express 401K Your Home

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Platinum and palladium both offer a number of the same qualities. They are both naturally white precious metals, part of the platinum metals family, hypoallergenic, and durable. However, the most significant differences between these two metal types are density and price. Their care also needs to be “personalized”. By this, I mean encouraging them to … Read moreShirt Express 401K Yuma

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Customized printing cards add more sophistication and class to the company by adding the logo and name of the company in a different way to make the cards get the maximum visibility from the potential customers. Apart from this, it can be distributed to the employees and clients of the corporate firm as corporate gift … Read moreShirt Express 401K Zanesville

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Davao is one big multi cultural city. We have the lumads, moros, christians, leftists and people of different principles and ideology. Duterte secret? He talks and makes peace with them, but not to the point where he kowtows them. “Staff would like to bring Vince Ready up to speed,” said Jasper. Supreme Court temporarily halted … Read moreShirt Express 401K Zion

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I found that especially in my earlier years of school, it really fostered a true love of learning. My younger brother is dyslexic and my mom was able to incorporate different techniques and methods to help him with reading and spelling throughout all subjects. He an adult now and people would never know from seeing … Read moreShirt Express 401K Videos