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“The World’s Biggest Pedal Board” appeared on Facebook Dec. 30, courtesy of ex Cult/Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum. Taking a page from Dave Grohl’s tome, Matt Sorum’s Fierce Joy issued Stratosphere last spring, on which the tub thumper composed, sang, and played guitar. And we really liked it. Still do. We liked our … Read moreShirt Express 08 United States

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Using Patricia Hill Collin’s standpoint theory, I aim to place women’s lived experiences at the foreground of knowledge surrounding women’s activism. The objectives of this project were to explore specifically how female undergraduate students construct meanings of activism, and how adverse reactions to feminist activism and theory influence both these perceptions as well as their … Read moreShirt Express 08 Video

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When you’re looking for excuses to not get started repairing your finances and living your best life, you’ll find them everywhere. It’s just a six week program that works. And remember that it’s not as scary as you think. 11. Plastic gloves. We’re talking about the inexpensive plastic foodservice gloves that come 100 to a … Read moreShirt Express 08 Videos

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Irina Surneva has been with the Imperial Russian Ballet Company since 1998 and her performances have included Giselle, Shopeniana, Don Quijote, Sleeping Beauty and as Princess Clara in the Nutcracker in 2003. Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty and as Princess Clara in the Nutcracker in 2003. A “Festival of Russian Ballet” consists of an eclectic … Read moreShirt Express 08 Vista

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Das brachte mich zum Nachdenken. Wenn ich mich genau umsah, trugen alle Frauen lange Rcke und langarmige Blusen mit Stehkragen, jedenfalls alle, die ich bisher gesehen hatte. Ich versuchte mich zu erinnern, ob ich in dieser Stadt berhaupt eine einzige andere Frau gesehen habe, die anders gekleidet war. This day started with another subway ride … Read moreShirt Express 08 Virginia