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AND oppression of women, by defining polish as “feminine”, then basing its derision of polished men on the false premise that “polish is feminine AND FEMININE IS BAD”.Congratulations you’ve perpetrated bigotry, prejudice and gender based discrimination. How does it feel to be an oppressor of humanity?Honestly, if you count the emo wannabes then guys wearing … Read moreShirt Express 48 Special

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During the month of February we celebrate the birthdays of two of our greatest Presidents. George Washington was born on February 22nd and Abraham Lincoln was born on the 12th. Did you know that George Washington publically celebrated his birthday when he was in office? The federal holiday Washington Birthday honors the accomplishments of the … Read moreShirt Express 48 Shirts

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Dream. Stitch. Eclectic Paperie EHAG Emporium EKDuncan My Fanciful Muse Ellen Andersen Enchanted Hollow Designs Enchanted Revelries ENVYDOLLS Esther from the Sticks Evelyn Wonderland Every Day a Gift Fabricholic Dollmaker Faded Plains fadedwest Fair Blue Moon Studio Fair Rosamund Fairies, Fantasy, and Faith Fairies, Fantasy, and Faith Pictures Fairy Cottage and Garden. The world of … Read moreShirt Express 48 Store

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Traditional desktop computing is no longer the only platform that susceptible to malware. We already covered the massive amounts of malware that hits the Android platform, but McAfee statistics put things into a much better perspective. They found that mobile malware has hit an all time high this year with over 13,000 mobile samples in … Read moreShirt Express 48 Shirt

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Mary Lou assumes it is Credence wand, but Modesty claims it is hers. When she is about to be punished, the Obscurus is unleashed, killing everyone except Modesty and Credence. Graves arrives and dismisses Credence as being a Squib (a non magical person of wizard ancestry), and refuses to teach him magic. She has vanquished … Read moreShirt Express 48 S Washington