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The NCAA has indefinitely lifted its ban on holding its championship events in states where gambling is legal. NCAA legislation would need to be passed to permanently change that rule. The association seems to be moving in that direction, while also being in no rush. Albany, NY July 23, 2014 Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today … Read moreShirt Art 98 Drawings

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His effort reflects a frustration among conservative thought leaders over the GOP establishment’s unwillingness to take a bold stand against Trump. While Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley have signaled opposition to some of Trump’s policy proposals, there has not been an aggressive effort by the GOP establishment to … Read moreShirt Art 98 Easy

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Two cases of fully opened and fully closed end outlet conditions are considered here. The flame behavior along with its propagation in the duct including initial stage of flame growing after the ignition, flame finger shape, flame wall touch, flame flatten profile, tulip flame formation, tulip flame lips collapsing, and possible subsequent inversion/inversions are discussed. … Read moreShirt Art 98 East