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Pelosi spokesman declined to comment on the video when contacted by CNN. When asked about this video and other manipulated videos targeting Pelosi, her spokesman Drew Hamill told The Washington Post, which first reported the story, not going to comment on this sexist trash. The video has been removed by YouTube, copies of it were … Read moreShirt Fabric 2018 Winter

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The previous night announcement of the summit marked a dramatic turnaround after a year of escalating tensions and rude insults between the two leaders. Mainland. And the wider world has grown fearful of a resumption of the Korean War that ended in 1953 without a peace treaty. Navy seal boots have got heavy bases and … Read moreShirt Fabric 2018 Wallpaper

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The iconoclasts who beheaded Serra’s statue in Monterey were probably in no position to topple the heavy sculpture or carry it away. Yet it was certainly in their power to break off the hands, to gouge the stonework, and to deface the long inscription at the base. Instead, the pristine condition of the remainder seems … Read moreShirt Fabric 2018 Walmart