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The homes are 840 square feet each andwere a challenging design exercise due to rigid site constraints: a restrictive FAR, flood plain and 30′ coastal height limit that really gave us a very defined envelope in which to operate. We did some peculiar things with the mods including omitting the typical ceiling frame on the … Read moreShirt Blanks English Press

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Traditionally, hot rods were considered modified special interest vehicles, usually pre 1948. But over the years, as younger enthusiasts took up the interest, the definition now includes muscle cars from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, too. Consumers also can purchase kits from custom retailers to build hot rods on their own, or hire special garages … Read moreShirt Blanks English Patterns

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It took years for the boat to be painstakingly reassembled, primarily by the Egyptian Department of Antiquities’ chief restorer, Ahmed Youssef Moustafa (later known as Hag Ahmed Youssef). Once completed, the Royal Ship measured approximately 150 feet in length. The timbers were made of Lebanese cedar while the pegs and other small parts were made … Read moreShirt Blanks English Phrases

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From muscle cars to minivans, there are dozens of new car dealerships on Long Island that carry a variety of brands and models for every type of driver. Many offer great incentives and trade in offers, as well as financing making new car shopping an easy and hassle free experience. Offering test drives, vehicle comparison, … Read moreShirt Blanks English Pattern

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Email your submissions tominiarmyhugetimesink [at] gmail [dot] com. Be sure to specify your online name so that I can credit you accordingly. Please get me submissions by January 30th. Nickel is a horror house, full of sexual and physical violence, but Whitehead based it on a very real place. The Dozier School for Boys in … Read moreShirt Blanks English Practice Test

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigates violations of certain federal statutes, collects evidence in legal cases in which the United States is or may be an interested party, and performs other duties specifically imposed by law or presidential directive. The Bureau maintains files of its criminal, legal, and security investigations; a nationwide index of … Read moreShirt Blanks English Novel