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Spain has adopted a more welcoming attitude toward migrants than many other European countries under the center left government that took power this year. But not everyone concurs. An upstart far right political party campaigning against migrants particularly Muslims recently won its first seats in a regional assembly in the southern region of Andalusia, the … Read moreShirt Express 01 Auto

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Us all remember our personal responsibility for our thoughts, our actions, and our comments including those on social media, Moe said. Saskatchewan I am proud to call home is one that is strongest when our communities work together Let us continue to demonstrate consideration, patience, and understanding for one another as we move forward together … Read moreShirt Express 01 Birthday

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In January, Rep. Terry Keel, R Austin, filed legislation to revise the qualifications for attorneys appointed to represent indigent defendants in capital cases. While some advocates contested the provisions regarding trial appointments, the main criticism was that Keel’s proposal to extend the mandatory qualifications to attorneys appointed to represent poor defendants in their post conviction … Read moreShirt Express 01 Black

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“To my brothers and sisters in blue here at the Milwaukee Police Department. I mourn with you in these difficult and trying times,” Morales said. “We are also extremely appreciative of the support of the Salvation Army’s Chaplaincy program as they work with officers at District Four. Recreating this magical energy between the two of … Read moreShirt Express 08 6 2