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Director Antonio Campos appears, mischievously, to have entered this offer on the web for real and filmed the computer screen with its mounting bids from credulous pervs, while his actors improvised around the situation. It is in this transaction that the true eroticism occurs, an eroticism that relies, paradoxically, on the anonymity and alienation of … Read moreShirt Express 06 Military

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When the Shah was overthrown in February of 1979 we can recall the triumphant return of Ruhollah Khomeini from exile to assume the title of Ayatollah, the Supreme political and religious leader of Iran. After his death, with the help of the Revolutionary Guard, successive Ayatollahs have ruled the country with repression of all opposing … Read moreShirt Express 06 Newspaper

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The P Shot is the catchy term for the platelet rich plasma (PRP) Treatment. This treatment uses the patient TMs own platelet rich plasma to revive the member by encouraging new tissue growth, which in turn has been said to create bigger, stronger, more sensitive and more frequent firmness. The entire treatment takes less than … Read moreShirt Express 06 New York

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She found that those who exercise rigorously increased the blood flow in the areas of the brain responsible for memory and higher level processing. The result was a dramatically increased score, by 80%, on average on the cognitive tests than those who just stretched, even after accounting for age related changes in thinking. More intriguing, … Read moreShirt Express 06 New