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Could you elaborate further? I don see a reason this would stop suicide in particular. All events, including suicide, have non 0 probabilities of being botched. Yes those other potential botched realities do occur, but reality has a vector of probability created by the intentions/forces/energies of the beings(being) within it. Secondly, you must be aware … Read moreShirt Art 800 Gallon

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The release stated: “Mr. Porten has guided the hospital and its affiliates through many turbulent and challenging times while continuing to provide high quality health care services to the patients and communities these organizations serve. He will continue to work with these organizations through the parent company, Valley Health Systems Inc., as they navigate through … Read moreShirt Art 800 Group

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“They move like a mudflow or lava at super high speed. Those things are all contained in the paleo Lillooet Valley. The valley captured them and made them go down the valley.”. Competitors impressed the spectators with their communication and presentation skills. Organizers explained that the club seating areas would be a little bit noisy … Read moreShirt Art 800 Halloween