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Anderson angled his pickup truck across the middle lane and turned on his emergency lights. A tractor trailer driver behind him, who was a former firefighter, also angled his truck across several lanes of highway to alert oncoming vehicles that the road was closed. They wanted to prevent other vehicles from hurtling into the crash … Read moreShirt Express 70 Los Angeles

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Shafiq has held several press conferences since the election, and at each one he has stressed the message of stability. But he’s also tried to reassure what he calls “the youth,” insisting that he would not restrict their freedoms of speech and protest (though his promises do not inspire much confidence). He has also stressed … Read moreShirt Express 70 Las Vegas

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Collins replayed, “Oh. I thought as you had just slaughtered a hog, perhaps you would be able to supply me with a few pounds.” The reference was to Wyatt’s speech in which he eviscerated the state’s Republican leadership. Wyatt, Collins, and the other standing by all laughed heartily at the joke.. In my area there … Read moreShirt Express 70 Jacksonville Fl

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Eventually that will change though. Disney will make a profit for a long while, and have enough at this point to probably own half the country. But the “everything Disney” obsession stops at some point since they haven made any new [original] and popular characters in like 50 years; and doing reboots for money is … Read moreShirt Express 70 Jacksonville