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In 2007 he came to the Museum of the North at a time when the importance and abundance of Alaska fossils was becoming increasingly clear to the academic world. Scientists investigating the vast and, in paleontological terms, largely unexplored country were identifying new species of dinosaurs, marine reptiles and other extinct life forms. Massive trackways … Read moreShirt Graphics 8 5 X

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According to detectives, Lake Success Police Officers being aware of burglaries in the area were intensively patrolling on Horizon Road when they observed a 1998 Silver Mercedes Benz parked suspiciously. The auto then drove away quickly at which time the officer pulled the vehicle over and conducted an investigation. The vehicle was being operated by … Read moreShirt Graphics 8 7 1

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They are a well developed technology with distinct advantages over fixed external shading devices. When fully extended the blinds block solar radiation externally reducing heat gain in summer, in the winter they add thermal resistance and reduce heat loss through windows. Appropriate design and applications of external roller blinds have the potential to improve the … Read moreShirt Graphics 8 7 15