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Team USA begins its pursuit of a fourth World Juniors medal in four years Dec. 26 on Canadian soil, one year after settling for bronze and watching their cross border rivals capture gold in Buffalo. And Canada can add another chapter to their head to head history. Zancocchio’s grandfather (the father of his deceased aunt) … Read moreShirt Folder News Articles

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I really like many aspects of the current tax reform plan, however, we still have more work to do to get this right, especially with regards to the SALT deduction, which has been in existence for over 100 years. Eliminating the SALT deduction would be a geographic redistribution of wealth, picking winners and losers. New … Read moreShirt Folder News And Weather

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The letter said investigators with the inspector general Digital Forensics and Analysis Unit reviewed computer data from the federal agency, Kemp office and also interviewed a contractor. They also recreated the contractor actions. The data, Roth wrote, confirmed the contractor statements that on Nov. Have had very constructive discussions about meaningful action that we can … Read moreShirt Folder News Box