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Remember that old TV show Bonanza? It had the Cartwright’s working hard on their mega ranch, the Ponderosa, and saving the day from week to week from greedy, no good, evildoers. You remember: the fancy pants big brother Adam, the feisty and impetuous Little Joe (his Pinto horse was the best one), the honorable Dad, … Read moreShirt Folder Question On Line

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Staff in both groups are to remain on full pay.are still trying to work out all the specifics but the aim is to get the staff members taking fewer sick days and feeling better mentally and physically after they worked shorter days, he said.According to the Australian Human Resources Institute, sickies cost the nation economy … Read moreShirt Folder Question Memes

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It banned both sides from stationing in Europe land based missiles with a range of between 310 and 3,400 miles (500 5,500 km), reducing their ability to launch a nuclear strike at short notice. Withdrawal. Supreme interests as Russia development and fielding of a treaty violating missile system represents a direct threat to the United … Read moreShirt Folder Question Material