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I have moments sometimes, sometimes whole days, when I miss Ottawa acutely. They becoming more frequent now, as the nights come around quicker and my breath fogs up before me on morning walks to campus. I miss the Canadian winter enormously, for however terrifying 27 windchill might sound, I adored the snow, the ice skating, … Read moreShirt Embroidered 55 Store

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This impressive collection of 1911 pistols made to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the famed 101st Airborne Division is part of the Bruce Gjorven collection.It might be the gun that Teddy Roosevelt had in his hand during the famous charge up San Juan Hill. Or maybe the firearms carried by the Roughriders. Perhaps it is … Read moreShirt Embroidered 55 Times

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The visitors had first use of the strong breeze but conspicuously failed to maximise its benefit. The 13 11 advantage they produced was never going to be enough and when the sides swapped ends Coventry posted 18 unanswered points in 20 minutes. In short they waited for Bees to crack and crack they did.. This … Read moreShirt Embroidered 55 Tie

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Down to Nickerson Beach this summer and enjoy all that Nassau County has to offer, said County Executive Ed Mangano. The beach and shoreline to the playground and basketball courts, Nickerson Beach offers Nassau families and opportunity for a Stay cation every day this summer. The park offers a beautiful three quarter mile long shoreline … Read moreShirt Embroidered 55 Roseville

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Of course, there were no thermometers around 2,000 years ago, and any written records are suspect. However, scientists can make measurements of temperature changes over time using tree rings, corals, lake sediments, ice cores, and so on. Climate scientists who have examined the data have been impressed with its scope and accuracy. Know I going … Read moreShirt Embroidered 55 Rentals

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When adolescent girls (and boys) are exposed to porn, they have stronger notions to see women as objects12. These girls then normalize sexual abuse towards themselves because this is what they see in the pornographic scenes, and they want to be seen as “cool”12. They end up having anxiety in relationships because of the unrealistic … Read moreShirt Embroidered 55 Size