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Economic occupancy. There are properties out there with physical occupancy in the 90s and economic vacancy in the 80s and 70s. They may be gems for a new owner who knowshow to close the gap or completemoney pits for the inexperienced owner.Hi Shital:If you are a PRICE buyer, then cap rate is your measurement stick. … Read moreShirt Folder Jackets With Logos

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Comparatively, this was a breeze going in. Coming out, if I use the Jeremy checkpoint again, it might be much different. This time, being rush hour, not only was road traffic generally heavy, but the checkpoint was crowded with Palestinian workers returning home. I will admit it, although I am working on myself all the … Read moreShirt Folder Jackets Without

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There is every variety of rum going, or for non drinkers, a Lilt like grapefruit drink called Ting. The mains arrived without flourish; you simply get homecooked, filling and tasty food, no pretension or decoration. It looks good enough to eat without them. Hello Kealion. Your submission is being removed because does not relate to … Read moreShirt Folder Jackets With Flag