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And, you know, for a number of years there was the ISA (Iowa Software Association) which then morphed into SITI (Software and Technology Association of Iowa). But that was nothing more than a political organization, and that was the best we had in terms of any kind of, I guess, intercommunication within the tech scene. … Read moreShirt Fabric Picture With Names

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(: I’m kinda excited. Jessica her [genius ideas] 😛 I told Donnie i’m making her my new bestfriend (: I love her so much. She’s so fucking pretty. I just can’t help myself. As a former flight attendant, one of most valuable things my training afforded me (other than helping to save lives) was when … Read moreShirt Fabric Picture With Kids

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Serving White Beans with Harvest Corn SoupServe with your favorite corn muffins. I now add 1 tablespoon ground flax seed to mine. With my Apple Cider Fizz and Garbanzo Brownies (recipe links below) these beans make for one happy meal at home.Since it is both healthy and economical, as well as flavorful and easy to … Read moreShirt Fabric Picture With Name

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From humble start ups to the giants of the corporate world, every business will inevitably use some form of digital marketing to substantiate their brand. In our ever changing digitized world, businesses are increasingly having to adapt to the latest in technological advancements. A successful digital marketing strategy facilitates meaningful business growth objectives like leads, … Read moreShirt Fabric Picture With Labels