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I drove out west with your mother one time, before you was born. Brooklyn to the Pacific in three days. Just enough money for gas, sandwiches, and coffee, but we made it. It not “criticism”. Nobody is providing valid, or even sensible, or fair, or arguable criticism, over here. The existing political majorities are riling … Read moreShirt Gallery 25 Kansas City

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Standards aren set in stone yet though. Information on possible changes and a survey to gauge student and parent opinions was sent out with student report cards last week. So far about 270 surveys have been completed online at the district website according to Associate Superintendent Wendy Hartzell, who has been spearheading the effort.. One … Read moreShirt Gallery 25 Kg

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Original owner John Parcak bought 123 Franklin St. And opened the original Benjamin’s in 1973, and for 17 years offered dinner, drinks and dancing to Bangor in both the upstairs restaurant (now home to Asian Garden) and the downstairs lounge. The bar’s reputation in Maine became legendary, as a musical hotspot where people could see … Read moreShirt Gallery 25 Kilograms