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The grand final rematch between Old Collegian and Kolora Noorat takes place in round three on April 21. “We’re very excited. We’ve got a few things in place administration wise that we think are promising for the future,” McSween said. He was very close to his two uncles, Kenny and Steven Rogerson. His paternal grandmother, … Read moreShirt Express Quilt 2015

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Another tactic being deployed in both the GMO labeling and soda tax battles is astroturfing, a common corporate strategy in which lobbyists hide behind a front group or other sympathetic representatives with local and grass roots credibility. Given their obvious biases, the CEOs of Coca Cola and PepsiCo can’t exactly go door to door or … Read moreShirt Express Quilt 2014

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1 nationally in both assists per game (9.7) and total assists (185) and is No. 3 in assist/turnover ratio (3.63). Johnson is the Big 12’s all time assist leader with 852 career dimes. Department of Emergency Services, invited himself to a hoped for ribbon cutting on the completed project, where he noted he planned to … Read moreShirt Express Quilt 3 2