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This summer, Uptown Theatre will continue to do what it does best: screening quirky, iconic, hard to find, and enduring classics at midnight screenings on Friday and Saturday nights. The upcoming schedule includes the awesomely crappy ‘The Room’ (June 23), cult classic ‘Donnie Darko’ (June 9 10), and the beloved ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ (June 16 … Read moreShirt Gallery 15 6 2

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Thankfully, there are health insurance providers who will help cover the costs if anything ever does go wrong. The most common sicknesses we catch are usually treatable with sufficient rest, proper diet, and perhaps some over the counter medication, but that isn’t always enough. Trips to the doctor are a necessary part of staying healthy, … Read moreShirt Gallery 15 5 10

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Rolling River Day Camp East Rockaway, NY: Rolling River has been around on Long Island since 1992 and incorporates activities with both the children and their families. Programs go by age group and include activities like aquatics, ceramics, hockey, woodworking, martial arts, and more. All of their food options are nut free and kosher meals … Read moreShirt Gallery 15 5 Inch