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Butterfly: This vibrant critter comes with a globally oriented please it. There are even men who want to have a butterfly’s picture tattooed on their skins. Even with its attraction, butterfly tattoos are actually so quite common that this kind of style and design doesn’t catch the attention of so much interest nowadays. Here, I … Read moreShirt Gallery 2014 San Diego

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A few weeks later, American Airlines grounded a flight attendant after a video showed a confrontation between him and another passenger, allegedly after removing a woman’s baby stroller from the plane. Last week, a Delta Air Lines passenger said he was kicked off a plane for using the restroom, only a few days before a … Read moreShirt Gallery 2014 San Francisco

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“I married for love, not for money,” Doherty jokes. Asked how he’s managed to fundraise so successfully, he says: “My diligent, daily routine with a professional finance director and a system that works is the difference [from Ankrum and Sadun]. Because I’m not sure that it’s substance. That is the choice if you have been … Read moreShirt Gallery 2014 Shoes