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She a showstopper, to be sure, and doubtless good company on the president travels. She been at his side since she was a little girl, after all, attending balls and premieres, stylishly dressed and comfortable in the public milieu. And perhaps the president felt he needed a female presence to fill the void of first … Read moreShirt Fabric List 4 Grade

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Pleats on the bottoms are used to expand the skirt or pant. Shoulder pads, smaller pleats and ruffles are used to inflate the top. The pants have a higher waistband and the tops are slightly cropped.. As a boy in Texarkana, Texas, Perot delivered newspapers from the back of a pony. He earned his billions … Read moreShirt Fabric List 4 Less

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Shirley Walker’s score music is tailor made to suit the flavour of each individual episode. The Clock a story about a jazz musician falsely accused of killing his wife, appropriately has a lonely sounding Chicago jazz score while “Watching the Detectives” features music that evokes old private eye films of the 1940s to compliment that … Read moreShirt Fabric List 1 7