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MELBOURNE, Fla. (AP) Just four weeks into his administration, President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Florida on Saturday, repeating his political promises and continuing his attacks on the media. Want to be among my friends and among the people, Trump told a cheering crowd packed into an airport hangar, praising his great movement. … Read moreShirt Gallery 20 X 16

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Please dress appropriately and wear comfortable footwear for hiking. Binoculars are recommended. Meet at the Theodore Roosevelt Nature Center at West End Field 1.. After finishing third at the Liberty tournament, Sullivan lost its next two games and the doubters thought another long season was brewing. Instead, something good was developing and the Griffins have … Read moreShirt Gallery 20 X 8

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Use Automation to its full potential. Expand auto enrollment to all nonparticipants on a one time or periodic basis. Employers should consider setting contribution rates at a level equal to the company match and/or using higher rates of 4 percent to 6 percent of pay. Thoughtfully designed in Montreal and made in Portugal by a … Read moreShirt Gallery 20 White

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Usually, when we think of multiculturalism, we are trained to think in terms of “tolerance” or “tolerating differences.” And yet, to stop with “tolerance” can actually serve to increase social and cultural divisiveness. Humor is one way that people in many cultures attempt to cross boundaries, to understand and celebrate what makes each community unique. … Read moreShirt Gallery 20 X 20