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In the beginning, we had no post flairs. There was a huge argument about what should and shouldn be posted here. We agreed to have weekly threads for the stuff that tends to flood the sub (newbie questions, item identification, hauls, etc), and then post flair for everything else that we deemed appropriate. Bruce remains … Read moreShirt Fabric Vest Graphics

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“I’ve seen a lot. Archetype, a reformed gangster. “You gotta understand that people can relate to it because I actually lived that lifestyle, so it’s not a preach and teach routine. “In just over two weeks, Janssen has laid waste to the State’s far reaching case which it built on misstatements and distortions. Our case … Read moreShirt Fabric Vest Golf

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First of all though, when attaching your interchangeables, please always use whatever little implement is included in the package to securely tighten them. The Kntter Pride sets have a little key that needs to be inserted in a hole in the cable which gives you a better grip when screwing on the needle, thus making … Read moreShirt Fabric Vest Distributors