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It is noteworthy that Satan’s temptation to pre empt Jesus’ mission (to suffer death) absolutely contradicted the mission of Jesus to suffer in God’s ordained way, and to be raised up in God’s ordained way. Substitutes and short cuts to redeem the world would end in resolute failure. This is the “testing” () of God … Read moreShirt Express 365 Address

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At its core, inspiration porn demonstrates the need for a broader engagement with the social model of disability. People typically view disability through the medical model, in which diagnosed conditions present obstacles to be cured or overcome. But according the social model, while many people may have all kinds of medical conditions, people are disabled … Read moreShirt Express 365 Box

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“My family and I are thankful for the commitment made by our administration to the Norfolk State men’s basketball program and our staff,” Jones said. “We are truly humbled and blessed. This campus and community are special in countless ways, and they love college basketball, especially their Spartans. To all of you who comment on … Read moreShirt Express 365 Balance