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The dress code for Thursday Silicon Prairie Awards was intentionally vague. You see, entrepreneurs aren particularly renowned for their ability to take orders or conform to other people rules, so when it came time to determine a dress code for our inaugural awards, we figured, bother? result of that apathy was an eye catching array … Read moreShirt Fabric Video Cards

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Union support for her position has taken a dramatic hit. Pete Lamb, senior business agent for Teamsters Local 174, said anger and angst between the unions and Sawant exists. Her politics were called “divisive” by Monte Anderson, executive secretary for Seattle Building Trades, which once upon a time endorsed her. Tony Sipp just completed his … Read moreShirt Fabric Video Downloads

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Their school loans is the least we can do to recognize their service and sacrifice, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes said in a statement about the letter. Veterans have suffered permanent and total disability as a direct result of their service to our country. They and their families have sacrificed health, quality of life, and … Read moreShirt Fabric Video Equipment