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Right, Joe. They’re the “very offending” ones. Fernkes wrapped up saying, “I’m an American soldier” as if anyone couldn’t tell that from his GI Joe T shirt “and I’ve been around, and I know a lot.” Then Fernkes, blaming the Somali presence, helpfully gives a list of places he “won’t go” anymore. If someone feels … Read moreShirt Express 80 Special

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Fine art such as sculpting was not truly recognized as art until modern times. It is unfortunate that the works of Michelangelo’s David and The Pieta were not recognized for the timeless beauty, truth and reality they portrayed to mankind of that era. Now as time plays out, we appreciate how art bridges nonorganic forms … Read moreShirt Express 80 S Fashion

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Police say a man is under arrest in connection with a Sheepshead Bay hammer attack that left a person dead and two others seriously injured. Tuesday inside Seaport Buffet on Emmons Avenue. Police say Martunovich stormed into the restaurant holding a hammer and began attacking people inside, killing 34 year old chef Fufai Pun.. If … Read moreShirt Express 80 S Song