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Nationwide, bankruptcy filings for fiscal year 2010 (the 12 month period ending Sept. 30) were nearly 14 percent higher than the previous fiscal year. Business bankruptcies declined slightly, for the first time since 2006, but personal bankruptcies are hitting all time highs. Expected us, says King, on the line with Postmedia from his Calgary home. … Read moreShirt Express 11 6 2

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In its ongoing mission to seek solutions to the often unrecognized, yet insidious effects of hunger in our communities, Island Harvest and its MICAH (Mobilized Interfaith Coalition Against Hunger) program is hosting a conference, Combating Hunger on Long Island: Addressing the Obstacles. The keynote speaker will be Kevin Concannon, USDA Undersecretary for Food, Nutrition and … Read moreShirt Express 11 6 2017

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In the twentieth century, with the significant evolution offootball kits, due to the development of new fabrics and materials and progressive attitudes of players and governing sports bodies, shorts were worn at a shorter length and boots became lighter and softer. These welcome changes offered a greater degree of comfort and flexibility to players wearing … Read moreShirt Express 11 5 Inch