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The post election marches and protests, including flag burnings on a few campuses and violence on others, magnified the concerns of conservative students who already felt unwelcome. College presidents would not have put out reassuring statements and held post election vigils had Hillary Clinton won, says Frederick M. Hess, director of education policy at the … Read moreShirt Express East 75

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Don’t push people to buy what you think they should buy. Remember, they came to you to accomplish something, not to help you make a sale. Your focus needs to be “how can you help them accomplish their goals”. Learn responsibility from making sure their homework is completed, or through extracurriculars like playing sports and … Read moreShirt Express East 79

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There a great project up on Kickstarter (a site for folks to get funding for their projects) by photographerDrea Zalaquett,whose goal is to create an art show featuring queer couples and families of all varieties. Enter Dyke Streetstyle, a new photo blog to fill this gaping hole. Honestly, this is exactly the sort of thing … Read moreShirt Express East 77Th